The 5 Oldest Churches in the World That You Must Visit

A Catholic pilgrimage across the globe is one thing that most Christians have on their bucket list. But it is quite sad that the places you probably want to see are mundane and are quite regular. So taking your plight into concern, we are here with a better list. This time, visit the oldest churches in the world and here’s the list for you.

The 5 Oldest Churches in the World That You Must Visit

Dura-Europos Church:

Dura-Europos Church in Dura-Europos, Syria is identified as the oldest church that is still standing fights the odds of nature. I probably wouldn’t be suggesting this church if you are looking for a church that can offer you a Sunday mass. The reason we have on the top of our list is that the church is almost 1782 years old and for the fact that it is still standing. The place is unkempt, it doesn’t have polished floors, an expensive tabernacle or a gold platter but still, this place will give you a rush.

Megiddo Church:

Don’t get mixed up with the one that is in America. The Megiddo Church, we are talking about, is located in Tel Megiddo, Israel. Israel is one place in the whole world that is closely associated with Christian faith and no doubt it has one of the oldest churches in the world. Historians and archaeologists, after years of research, have concluded that this church dates back to 3rd Century AD.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral:

Etchmiadzin Cathedral is located in Etchmiadzin, Armenia. It is the oldest and the first-built Cathedral in the whole of Armenia, and for the same reason, it is considered as the Mother of all other Apostolic Churches in Armenia. The church, as per records, is believed to have constructed in the fourth century after the death of Christ and has now been declared as the governing body of churches in Armenia. The architectural beauty is something that your eyes will deny to unsee once you have witnessed its beauty.

Church of St. Peter:

Church of St.Peter is situated in Antakya, Turkey. The apostles, after the death and resurrection of Christ, spread across the world to preach Christianity and Antioch is one of the major places where apostles said for a longer time. The place where this is constructed is said to be the place where Apostles Peter and Paul stayed for a long. Fearing prosecution, it is also the place where the early Christians secretly met. So this is one church that you cannot miss out.

St. Peter’s Basilica:

Though there are high chances that most of you might have had opportunities to visit this holy place we still can’t take this church off the list. The St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City is not only famed for being one of the oldest churches in the world but also because it is the papal basilica that heads all Catholic Churches across the globe. St. Peter’s Basilica is also referred to as the Greatest Church is Christendom and is the burial place of St.Peter, the first pope.