Five Reasons why Paoay Church is a Must-See Destination

The Paoay church is one of the most majestic church structures, and it is a famous church in the Philippines. The Augustine Church is popularly known as the Paoay Church. The church is located in Paoay, Philippines. Listed below are a few reasons, why you must visit this legendary structure.

Five Reasons why Paoay Church is a Must-See Destination

Paoay church Oldest churches in the Philippines:

There’s still a discussion as to which church is the oldest in the Philippines. The Paoay is one of the most treasured and oldest standing structure of the country. The earliest record of the Church is dated back to the year 1593. In the year 1694 the construction of the existing church was started, and in the year 1710 it was completed, and in 1896 it was rededicated.

The church has a different Earthquake Baroque architecture:

What makes the Paoay Church distinct is its architecture that is shown by the enormous buttresses. The buttress is called the Earthquake Baroque Architecture and is made like the European Baroque. It was called as an Earthquake Baroque as the country has frequent seismic attacks. The church building has about 24 buttresses that are 1.67 meters deep at the sides. These buttresses extend from the exterior walls, and it was constructed to provide an answer to the ravaging of the building due to earthquakes. The stair-like buttresses also known as step buttresses are on the sides of the church. The stair-like buttress was created to create an easier way to the roof.

The church’s walls are made of corals:

The walls of Paoay Church are very thick. The lower portion of the walls are made out of coral stones, and the upper portion of the wall is made out of bricks. It’s interesting to know that the mortar that was used in the church had lime and sand with sugarcane juice that is boiled with the leaves of mango, rice straw and leather. Its walls depict Javanese architectural styles.

The church’s faƧade is perfect to take a picture:

The church is ideal for a great photo-shoot, the impressive tone facade of the Paoay Church appears as a majestic pediment that rises from the ground. The church is built in a way that it is sloping towards the front.

Right next to the church there is an awesome coral bell tower that is built separately from the main church in the year 1793. The bell tower played an essential role in the history of Philippine. It has served as the observational post against the Spaniards in the year 1898.

The church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site:

The Philippine government has named Paoay Church was named as a National Cultural Treasure by the in the year 1973. The church was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with San Agustin Church, NuestraSeƱora de la Asuncion Church, Ilocos Sur, and Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church.